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    Kimberly Beliso  

    Kimberly Beliso, born and raised in San Francisco, received her BA in Kinesiology from San Francisco State and has earned a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine. While in school, she worked part-time as a personal trainer and physical therapy aide. In addition, Kim had also found the time to earn her black belt in Kenpo Karate.

    After marrying Professor Beliso in 2007, Kim began working full time at One Martial Arts as program director but her involvement and responsibilities are many. She teaches cardio kickboxing, assists in martial arts classes, private lessons and day camps, continues to train in karate, works on daily operations and helps support the front desk staff. Her favorite part of the job is talking to and getting to know the students and their families.


    Annabelle Asuncion  

    Anabelle Asuncion is our resident “Kickbox Bag” specialist.  She has been certified through the American Fitness Aerobics Association, One Cardio Kickboxing, American Red Cross Child & Adult CPR, American Heart Association Child & Adult First Aid, Prenatal Fitness and Stress Management. Anabelle has been teaching group instruction at One Martial Arts for almost eight years.  She has also taught at Club One and the Mill Valley Health Club.

    Anabelle’s philosophy is, “Everybody knows that they should exercise.  Don’t do it because you should.  Find a type of exercise you are passionate about, have fun and commit to it.”  Her genuine and fun outlook inspires members to achieve their fitness goals and feel good.


    Gayle Gin  

    Gayle is an Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) certified Group Exercise Instructor and a certified Kickboxing Instructor.   She has been teaching kickboxing for 6 years at One Martial Arts after being a student there for 4 years.

    Exercise has always been a part of Gayle’s life. However, raising two kids and starting her own hairstyling business caused her to stop for a period of time. After seeing that her energy level was dropping and her weight was increasing, Gayle realized she had to return to exercise.

    Right before she turned 30, Gayle got involved in group-exercise and quickly began to see results. After 12 years of taking aerobics classes, Gayle needed a change and discovered kickboxing. It took her only two weeks of taking kickboxing classes to notice changes in her body. Gayle found kickboxing to be an awesome workout and was surprised that she could be even more toned and strong.

    Four years later, Gayle knew it was time for a change and to take kickboxing to the next level. She got certified through AFAA to become an instructor and start teaching at One Martial Arts. Gayle has found teaching to be a great and rewarding experience and takes great pride in helping her students achieve their health and fitness goals.


    Sophia Salfiti  


    Tony Costa  



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