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    ONE Martial Arts is located at 850 Taraval St. @ 19th Avenue in the Parkside district of San Francisco. It is conveniently situated on the "L" Taraval Muni Streetcar Line and 28 Bus Line with street & metered parking. 

    Map & Directions

    Our Facilities

    San Francisco Facility

    One Martial Arts offers you a simple and well-defined facility. Our design is kid-friendly so that every child who walks through our doors feels at home right away. Parents love the attention to detail with our complimentary wi-fi, baby changing tables and climate-controlled environment. We bring this all together with a full-time maintenance team to insure the most consistent and clean environment.

    One Martial Arts takes great pride in providing our learning environment with the best equipment in the martial arts industry. Regular inspections for safety give us the confidence to deliver a quality curriculum that puts our student's needs first.

    One Martial Arts utilizes all of these elements to fulfill our purpose to help you "Live Your Best Life."

    Our Millbrae Facility


    Our Millbrae location has been built from the ground up, including a large Day Camp/Activity Room, hand-designed benches with shoe cubbies, and more! We're proud to serve the Millbrae community in living their best life!

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Day Camp services
  • Wide-open seating for parents and spectators
  • Custom built benches with shoe cubbies
  • Amazing location!

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