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    ONE Martial Arts is a unique family oriented facility dedicated to the mental and physical enhancement of the human spirit. Our state-of-the-art facility is an environment to experience empowerment and feel positive. We offer programs in EXCELLENT KIDS, KIDS KARATE, ONE FITNESS KICKBOXING, ADULT MARTIAL ARTS, and TAI CHI for people of all ages and physical levels. We offer a curriculum that is deeply rooted in tradition and balanced with progressive and innovative teaching methods and philosophies. Our facility is open to serve you Monday through Sunday. Classes are offered throughout the day to accommodate your schedule.

    ONE Martial Arts is fundamentally focused on LEARNING.  The goal is to better our students and instructors through this process of learning.  Instructors and staff attend seminars, workshops and private lessons.  We belong to the Martial Arts Teachers Association and Champions Way, two organizations dedicated to the development, growth and success of all martial artists and school owners. The owner and head instructor, Brannon Beliso, continues his studies in the martial arts, even after thirty-six years of martial arts training.  His motto is, "We constantly improve upon what we do, to better serve you".

    What sets ONE Martial Arts apart from the rest?  Simply, our honest and sincere dedication to customer service.  The entire staff of ONE Martial Arts is committed to best serving our families, students and members.  We offer several scholarships to underprivileged children and teens. ONE Martial Arts features monthly community based workshops in EZDefense, a reality based women's self-defense, and our popular Go Away Now! child safety awareness classes.  ONE Martial Arts uses a Learn to Earn system, which includes rewarding merit badges and  certificates of recognition to students who achieve academic excellence in school.

    ONE Martial Arts is a unique facility that utilizes Feng Shui influenced principles, (which promotes the optimal flow of good energy into its space). This influences the total environment, including full spectrum lighting (which simulates sunlight indoors), full-length mirrors (providing optimal viewing coverage), strategically place live plants, color scheme, symbols and furniture, a professional wireless sound reinforcement system, and the latest in martial arts equipment. ONE Martial Arts constantly improves and upgrades its facility, to insure an optimal learning environment, featuring the latest equipment and technology.

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