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    Kenpo Karate is a progressive martial art, rooted deeply in its original Chinese ancestral teachings but ever evolving. Like water, it constantly changes as it is passed down from one practitioner to the next. Each practitioner, remains true to the roots but incorporates his/her vision of Kenpo as an evolving art. It is a system based on knowledge, foundation, speed, power and accuracy. Kenpo Karate teaches self-defense and self-control through three primary methods: basics(martial arts exercises and conditioning,) katas (also known as dances, sets or forms,) and sparring (also known as kumite or freestyle). Basics focus on various striking, blocking and kicking exercises that build foundation, proper form and technique. Katas teach focus, concentration, mental discipline and practical self-defense against single and multiple attackers with weapons and empty handed.  Sparring builds reflex, timing and spontaneous reaction without knowing your opponent’s attack. Above all, Kenpo Karate teaches the practitioner to be the best person they can be through self-discipline, self-confidence and self-respect.

    Kenpo Karate strives to maintain a balance between its "martial" aspect and its "art" aspect. The "martial" aspect is expressed by a fast, powerful, effective and practical method of self-defense. The "art" aspect is expressed by its commitment to both tradition through presentation of form and the pursuit of excellence through self-expression, artistic creativity, and humility.

    Kenpo: (definition) – “Law of the Fist” or “Fist Law”.
    Karate: (original definition) – “China Hands” or “Hands of China”. This was later changed to the Japanese character, meaning “Empty Hand”.

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